Preminula Katarina Borojevic

Katarina Borojevic

Katarina Borojevic (1928-2018)

U Bostonu 17. oktobra 2018. preminula je

Katarina Borojević (rođena Popović)
Profesor Genetike Univerziteta u Novom Sadu

Polaganje urne u subotu 18. maja 2019. u 11 h  na Novom Groblju  Lisje (polje br. III) u Novom Sadu.

Pamtićemo našu mamu i majka Kaju kao izuzetnu osobu koja je zračila dostojanstvom i inteligencijom. Bila je puna interesovanja, i uprkos dugoj bolesti, uvek prisutna u razgovoru i uvek hrabra. Njen nesalomljivi duh ostaće večna inspiracija svima koji su je voleli.

Kremacija je obavljena u Bostonu.

Katarina Biography

Katarina Borojević (neé Popović) passed away on October 17, 2018 in Boston.

She was a professor of Genetics at the University of Novi Sad.

We will remember our mother and grandmother as a remarkable person who radiated dignity and intelligence. She remained curious and despite her age and long illness was always alert and always brave. Her courageous spirit will remain an eternal inspiration to everyone who loved her.

Son Dushan and daughter Ksenija with their families.

Cremation will be in Boston. The interment of her remains will be at the cemetery in Novi Sad on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

One thought on “Preminula Katarina Borojevic

  1. Less than one month ago, when I visited my grandmother, Majka Kaja (as we call her), I was inspired by her continuing interest and energy for life. She remained actively involved in our lives: providing perspectives and advice, and telling stories that were historical and personal, and advisory. She did this even in areas she knew she would not be around to see and experience. Katarina had lived with a variety of physical ailments for the better part of half a century. She organized her life to achieve her goals by compensating with will and intellect when she lacked physical ability. She was exceptionally resourceful, and also realistic and pragmatic. She applied her skills passionately in all areas of life, from science to feminism to family. She lived a rich, complex, and enjoyable life. She readily acknowledged this perspective herself. She also acknowledged never having expected her existence to last so long, and in the same breath she expressed an unquenching desire and interest for doing more. In her last few months, at the hospital, nurses organized a variety of mundane activities to help pass the time. Katarina would say: I don’t have time to waste on bingo – I’ve got things I want to do! Katarina’s dignity and respect for life, thirst for knowledge, and her desire to make good use of what is available is truly inspirational.

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